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As commonly recognized by many, Silvano Zanchi can be considered today, among the greatest exponents of Italian artistic goldsmithing.

His excellent production technique accompanied by an innate flair, have made him one of the main artists also appreciated internationally. In Silvano Zanchi's sculpture jewels there is a great skill in drawing, a high-precision preparatory project and a lucid and meticulous attention to the final result.

The jewel, be it ring or bracelet or brooch, is tailor-made for the person who wears it, enhancing the body to the point of almost being part of it. Pearls, opals, gold and silver side by side, Iranian turquoise sprinkled with gold, lapis lazuli and diamonds in what have been defined as "microsculptures". This is the synthesis of a work that is never purely decorative and that, on the contrary, allows us to enter an articulated world, complex and full of ideas.


Silvano Zanchi was born in Sansepolcro (AR), on November 17, 1948, after graduating from the art institute of the same name, he moved to Fermo when he was twenty, where he will remain holder of the Chair of Goldsmithing of the Art Institute for 25 years old. After retiring, he can finally dedicate himself full time to his artisan workshop. And it is from this moment that, thanks also to the stipulation of agreements with galleries in Northern Italy, Silvano Zanchi begins to appear on the national scene, with important exhibitions and participations in cities such as Bergamo, Milan, Treviglio, Genoa, Vicenza, Modena, Padua, at the same time receiving significant awards and recognitions.

Furthermore, since 2000, Silvano Zanchi's adhesion to a consortium of artisans, Art For Job, has allowed the company to be present also in the world market, with participations and exhibitions in the cities of New York, Miami, Chicago, Dubai, Singapore. , Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris. Currently Silvano Zanchi lives and carries out his activity in the city of Fermo (FM), in the Marche region, where in his laboratory, driven by an inexhaustible passion, he continues to design and make jewels in a completely handmade way, unique jewels, micro-sculptures from rare beauty, which no other artist is able to create.

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